Donnerstag, Dezember 07, 2006

The climate ticket

What is it?

Airplanes produce greenhouse gases. To stop climate change, we have to fly less, and those who can afford to fly (and cannot avoid it) should make up for the damage they cause. You can do so by buying an extra “climate ticket” for every trip. It calculates the amount of emissions that you produced in your flight. Exactly the same amount of emissions will be reduced in a project in a southern country. An example: gas cooking in India is replaced by solar cooking. This is a good way to finance projects of renewable energy in the South.

How does it relate to ecology/sustainability?

It has an impact on several levels: It raises the cost of flying for those who participate. It helps to build a renewable energy infrastructure in countries that would otherwise opt for fossil fuels. The most ecological solution is to eliminate the reason for the flight and avoid flying. That way the infrastructure for airplanes and flights will stop growing so fast.

Where can I get more information?/Where can I get it?

You can find more information, calculate your emissions and buy a climate ticket through or